The Final Battle

Hip Hop Harold
The Bouncers
Group Therapy
Sept 16 @ 11:00pm

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Previous Shows

Hip Hop Harold: 90pt
The Cardigan Party!: 51pt
The Bouncers: 81pt
Sept 15 @ 9:40pm
Red Pill Players: 54pt
The Last Sleepover: 62pt
Group Therapy: 64pt
Sept 15 @ 7:30pm
Group Therapy: 51pt
Two Scoops, Please!: 38pt
Cinema Harold: 31pt
Sept 14 @ 10:15pm
The Tipsy Zone: 38pt
The Bouncers: 39pt
Gary Part II: Son of Gary: 19pt
Sept 14 @ 10:00pm
Pretty Much Sisters: 26pt
The Cardigan Party!: 28pt
Hot Buttered Popcorn: 18pt
Sept 14 @ 8:45pm
The Last Sleepover: 28pt
You Did This: 20pt
Sarah and Chris: 16pt
Sept 14 @ 7:30pm
Hip Hop Harold: 35pt
Pretty Much Sisters: 20pt
Group Therapy: 23pt
Sept 9 @ 10:15pm
You Did This: 9pt
Hot Buttered Popcorn: 12pt
Two Scoops, Please!: 9pt
Sept 9 @ 9:45pm
Red Pill Players: 22pt
20 Chihuahuas: 19pt
Cinema Harold: 19pt
Sept 9 @ 8:30pm
Gary Part II: Son of Gary: 33pt
The Cardigan Party!: 36pt
Sarah and Chris: 27pt
Sept 8 @ 10:30pm
The Tipsy Zone: 16pt
The Bouncers: 12pt
The Last Sleepover: 20pt
Sept 7 @ 9:00pm
Gary Part II: Son of Gary: 21pt
Sarah and Chris: 10pt
Group Therapy: 23pt
Sept 2 @ 10:30pm
Red Pill Players: 24pt
Cinema Harold: 13pt
You Did This: 23pt
Sept 2 @ 10:15pm
The Bouncers: 46pt
Hip Hop Harold: 56pt
Hot Buttered Popcorn: 42pt
Sept 1 @ 10:30pm
The Tipsy Zone: 80pt
The Last Sleepover: 70pt
20 Chihuahuas: 30pt
Sept 1 @ 9:00pm
Hip Hop Harold: 42pt
Sarah and Chris: 29pt
Cinema Harold: 25pt
Aug 31 @ 9:00pm
The Last Sleepover: 23pt
Pretty Much Sisters: 18pt
Group Therapy: 13pt
Aug 26 @ 10:30pm
Red Pill Players: 0pt
Two Scoops, Please!: 0pt
20 Chihuahuas: 0pt
Aug 26 @ 10:15pm
Gary Part II: Son of Gary: 14pt
Hot Buttered Popcorn: 15pt
The Cardigan Party!: 25pt
Aug 25 @ 10:30pm
The Tipsy Zone: 18pt
You Did This: 11pt
The Bouncers: 13pt
Aug 24 @ 9:00pm
You Did This: 5pt
Gary Part II: Son of Gary: 9pt
Two Scoops, Please!: 4pt
Aug 19 @ 11:00pm
The Cardigan Party!: 16pt
Sarah and Chris: 23pt
Pretty Much Sisters: 33pt
Aug 19 @ 10:30pm
The Bouncers: 29pt
The Last Sleepover: 31pt
Hip Hop Harold: 42pt
Aug 19 @ 10:15pm
20 Chihuahuas: 25pt
Cinema Harold: 51pt
Group Therapy: 44pt
Aug 18 @ 10:30pm
The Tipsy Zone: 5pt
Hot Buttered Popcorn: 11pt
Red Pill Players: 14pt
Aug 17 @ 9:00pm
Sarah and Chris: 20pt
Pretty Much Sisters: 38pt
Hot Buttered Popcorn: 20pt
Aug 12 @ 10:30pm
The Bouncers: 0pt
The Cardigan Party!: 0pt
20 Chihuahuas: 0pt
Aug 12 @ 10:15pm
Red Pill Players: 89pt
Group Therapy: 72pt
Two Scoops, Please!: 55pt
Aug 11 @ 10:30pm
The Bouncers: 29pt
The Cardigan Party!: 21pt
20 Chihuahuas: 10pt
Aug 5 @ 11:00pm
The Last Sleepover: 42pt
Sarah and Chris: 30pt
Cinema Harold: 36pt
Aug 5 @ 10:30pm
The Tipsy Zone: 34pt
Hip Hop Harold: 36pt
You Did This: 26pt
Aug 5 @ 10:15pm
The Last Sleepover: 67pt
Pretty Much Sisters: 74pt
Two Scoops, Please!: 51pt
Aug 4 @ 10:30pm
Gary Part II: Son of Gary: 13pt
Pretty Much Sisters: 15pt
Hot Buttered Popcorn: 14pt
Aug 3 @ 9:00pm
The Bouncers: 29pt
Sarah and Chris: 13pt
Group Therapy: 36pt
July 29 @ 10:15pm
You Did This: 0pt
Gary Part II: Son of Gary: 0pt
20 Chihuahuas: 0pt
July 29 @ 9:00pm
The Tipsy Zone: 20pt
The Cardigan Party!: 10pt
Cinema Harold: 18pt
July 29 @ 9:00pm
Hip Hop Harold: 88pt
Hot Buttered Popcorn: 63pt
Red Pill Players: 77pt
July 28 @ 9:00pm
The Last Sleepover: 25pt
The Cardigan Party!: 18pt
Red Pill Players: 35pt
July 22 @ 10:30pm
Hip Hop Harold: 22pt
Sarah and Chris: 17pt
20 Chihuahuas: 9pt
July 22 @ 7:30pm
The Bouncers: 20pt
Gary Part II: Son of Gary: 27pt
Two Scoops, Please!: 25pt
July 21 @ 10:30pm
You Did This: 26pt
Pretty Much Sisters: 53pt
Cinema Harold: 53pt
July 21 @ 10:30pm
The Tipsy Zone: 23pt
Hot Buttered Popcorn: 10pt
Group Therapy: 15pt
July 20 @ 10:30pm
The Bouncers: 31pt
Hot Buttered Popcorn: 23pt
Cinema Harold: 18pt
July 15 @ 11:00pm
You Did This: 25pt
Sarah and Chris: 15pt
Red Pill Players: 20pt
July 15 @ 9:00pm
The Tipsy Zone: 19pt
Pretty Much Sisters: 19pt
20 Chihuahuas: 10pt
July 14 @ 11:00pm
Hip Hop Harold: 53pt
The Cardigan Party!: 41pt
Two Scoops, Please!: 32pt
July 14 @ 10:30pm
The Last Sleepover: 14pt
Gary Part II: Son of Gary: 8pt
Group Therapy: 8pt
July 13 @ 9:00pm
Hip Hop Harold: 75pt
Gary Part II: Son of Gary: 42pt
Cinema Harold: 51pt
July 8 @ 10:30pm
The Last Sleepover: 16pt
Hot Buttered Popcorn: 12pt
20 Chihuahuas: 8pt
July 8 @ 10:15pm
You Did This: 63pt
The Cardigan Party!: 52pt
Group Therapy: 65pt
July 8 @ 9:00pm
The Cardigan Party!: 37pt
Pretty Much Sisters: 47pt
Two Scoops, Please!: 60pt
July 7 @ 10:30pm
The Tipsy Zone: 23pt
Gary Part II: Son of Gary: 16pt
Red Pill Players: 27pt
July 6 @ 9:00pm
The Bouncers: 13pt
Pretty Much Sisters: 17pt
Red Pill Players: 18pt
July 1 @ 11:00pm
The Tipsy Zone: 40pt
Sarah and Chris: 42pt
Two Scoops, Please!: 62pt
July 1 @ 10:00pm
The Last Sleepover: 10pt
Hip Hop Harold: 17pt
You Did This: 9pt
June 29 @ 10:15pm
Cinema Harold: 35pt
Group Therapy: 30pt
Two Scoops, Please!: 37pt
June 29 @ 9:00pm